Andrius Kelly

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About me:

I am a Computer Science student at Oregon State University with a degree in Physics from the University of Virginia. Prior to my current studies, I worked for nearly a decade in entertainment and animation. Here you can see both old and new programming projects, as well as my animation work.

Outside of software development, my interests include table-top RPGs, woodworking, backpacking and boxing.

I'm currently looking for development internships for the summer of 2018. You can view my resume here. If you think I might be a good fit, feel free to reach out!

iOS GeoNotes App

Completed as an assignment for OSU, this simple note-taking app uses CoreLocation to get the Latitude and Longitude of the phone when a note is submitted. The notes are then saved using CoreData for local storage.

Github Link

Set Game on iOS

Single View App build with Swift. The symbols are drawn with CoreGraphics using UIBezierPaths. The cards are given a size based on the screen dimensions, and then laid out in embedded UIStackViews. The cards shrink to make more room as they are dealt.

Github Link

ios screenshot

Dynamic Credits

With this project, I overlayed WebGL animations timed to an html5 video to allow users to edit the video in real time.

The user can upload an image and input their own credits. The animation of the uploaded image and credits are then timed with the video timeframe. The added content will change in time with the video timeline.

Please Note: This application uses WebGL. Some GPUs are restricted depending on your browser. You can learn more here.

Source video from Big Buck Bunny

Github Link

Character Customizer

Prototype of Dungeons and Dragons character design and recoloring tool. Character and assets are rendered with html5 canvas.

User can select different pieces of equipment to add, remove or change color.

Github Link

Prototype Tool
Etech a Sketch Website

Digital Etch a Sketch

Digital Etch a Sketch built with javascript